Hotel Facilities

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For women and children also feel free to use our facilities for women, we also have amenity for children.
For various rental items, please tell the front desk.

Room facilities Refrigerator TV Mineral water Sencha coffee Electric pod hanger Towel(large and small)Slippers Dryer Washlet
Wi-Fi Air Purifier (Standard Plus / Standard / TATAMI)
Amenity Rinse in shampoo body soap face & hand soap body spongeToothbrush Shaving comb
◆Female amenity
Strawberry Soap Skin Care Lotion Hair Band Cotton Swab
◆Children’s amenity
Toothbrush slipper bear body sponge rinse in shampoo body soap
Rental Low repulsion pillow nail clippers portable charger personal computer air purifier humidifier ironing ironing boardTrouser presser chair※ There is a limited quantity.
Service Copy and fax (charged) Massage (charged) Cleaning (charged) Takkyubin (cash on arrival only)Ice ice pale microwave oven brochure
Conference Room There is a conference room on the 1st and 4th floor. 2H Fee 6,480 yen Please contact the hotel when using the conference room.
Vending Machine
There is a coin laundry on the 5th floor.Trouser presser free of charge available.
Facilities Facilities (Free) Parking lot (41 units) Bike bicycle parking lot (with covered area) Wi-Fi available Smoking area